Thursday, July 10, 2014

Intro to Blogging About Education!

Hello! I feel like I may be speaking just to my computer as of now, but here goes!

I already have a home-improvement blog here where I write about updates my husband and I do to our fixer-upper first home. (Actually, my hubby and his BFF are upstairs right now working on our guest bathroom so stay tuned!) I've been stalking so many wonderful education blogs and have become so inspired that I thought, why not start my own? So many blogs are geared towards the elementary level, so it's time we get a little more middle school representation up in here!

My name is Lauren Craton and I am originally from Green, OH. I moved to the beautiful lowcountry of South Carolina Christmas Day 2010 to complete my student teaching.  I always knew I didn't want to stay in Ohio and was looking for options to do my student teaching elsewhere. Why student teach in Ohio if I didn't want to stay there? I originally wanted to go abroad, but I would still have to do a portion of teaching in Ohio. That wasn't good enough for me, so my dad suggested that I move into their house in South Carolina and do my student teaching there.  Brilliant! I was matched at Bluffton Middle School for 6th grade math, and 7th grade science. It was an amazing experience and I was fortunate enough to get hired by the principal that summer for my very first teaching (and big-girl) job!

I am going into my 4th year at Bluffton Middle School as a 7th grade science teacher and am looking forward to this year. After enjoying the first part of summer relaxing and visiting with family and friends, I am finally ready to start thinking about the upcoming school year.  I'm not ready for summer to be over, but I am ready to start doing some planning and school shopping.

My husband and I just celebrated our first wedding anniversary last weekend! We went to all our favorite local places in Savannah and stayed at the Marshall House downtown. It's an incredibly neat hotel which used to be a union hospital during the Civil War! It was a nice little getaway and we had a great time.

Zach and Joe Biden!

Our Corgi, Tucker was our ring bearer. 

Zach is definitely the complete opposite of me. For starters, he's a Georgia boy. We met when I was living in Ohio and he was stationed at Fort Drum, NY. A friend introduced us, and the rest is history. (We actually got married on our 4-year anniversary!) He is an Army veteran who is studying to be a computer nerd. He is completely tech-savvy and can figure almost anything out because he has the patience of a saint. If you know me, I am probably the least-patient person. I am very loud and opinionated, he is quiet and incredibly easy going. Give him a pack of gummy bears and a beer and he'll be a happy camper. He definitely grounds me and has helped me to stop and appreciate things in life more. I could gush about him all day. :)

We have two fur babies, a cat named Alice and a dog named Tucker. I am definitely obsessed with them and treat them like they are my actual children.

Tucker loves ripping up his toys.

Clearly Alice is amused by her Halloween Costume

I enjoy doing home improvement projects of all sorts (except anything outside), and arts and crafts. I'm pretty awesome at video games, and enjoy anything outdoors. Of course, hubs and I are at the beach any chance we get... that's why we live here! If you don't know where Bluffton, South Carolina but are from Ohio, you probably know where Hilton Head Island is. Bluffton is the town you pass through before you hit the bridge to the island.  We're 15 minutes from the beach, 20 minutes from historic Savannah... you can't get much better than that!

I am a total science nerd and enjoy identifying wildlife, and have a passion for astronomy and astrophysics. It was my dream as a child to be an astronaut, and I hope to one day work for NASA.  Cheers to you if you made it all the way to the end. I look forward to an amazing school year!

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