Monday, July 14, 2014

My FIRST Monday Made It! :)

I am SUPER excited to be doing my first Monday Made It with 4th Grade Frolics!

I've been wanting to do these projects for a while, and not feeling too hot the past few days just gave me a reason to!

Science station labels! 

i use stations all the time and normally make table markers for each new unit (talk about a waste of time and paper!) Since all my stations typically revolve around the same premise I put together these babies to use for the entire year. 

There are 7 stations total, and I normally don't use all of them at once. I made them in PowerPoint and scaled them down to 5x7. I ordered some acrylic frames from Hobby Lobby (these things are amazing for just about everything!) and will place them at the different stations. Tip- TAPE THEM DOWN to the desks so students don't accidentally knock them off. It happens.  Also, I write the station number on the back so students know where to rotate next. You can pick them up for FREE at my TPT store!

Pencil holder!!  I ordered an acrylic straw dispenser from Amazon

It was too plain for me so I used some leftover scrapbook paper and some mod podge to make it look prettier! I love how it turned out! It works with both wooden and mechanical pencils. 

Next week hubs should have the guest bathroom finished.  He's out of town for work and won't let me tile when he's gone. He is very OCD with straight lines- he can see straight, seriously. We don't use a level to hang things. It's a gift. :)  Plus, I won't go near the bathroom with the toilet missing because of the smell. 

I'm off to tackle a long to-do list before I leave for DC on Thursday. Happy Monday, y'all!!

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  1. I love your station labels! And the pencil holder is such a fantastic idea! No more searching through the sharp bucket as a time waster! I might have to do that for my classroom! Have a great time in DC!