Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Productive Veterans Day

My husband had to work all day today while I had the day off. I got a TON accomplished, including 2 weeks of lesson planning, laundry, and 20 freezer meals made today.

With the holidays coming up, I spend more time in the kitchen baking which leaves less time for cooking. Hubs and I don't like to go out/get take out too often, so I like to prepare some freezer meals I can throw in the crockpot and let cook all day. The recipes I use are meals I would typically make, but I've left out some ingredients (dairy products particularly) so they freeze well, and warm up well also.

The meals I prepped in just 1 hour are:
2 pans of lasagna, 2 pans of baked rigatoni, 2 batches of scalloped potatoes and ham, 2 batches of teriyaki chicken, 2 batches of taco soup, 2 batches chicken fajitas, 2 batches of beef stroganoff, 2 chicken pot pies, 2 chicken alfredo's, and 2 batches of sweet bbq chicken.

It's a relief when you know you have a busy day ahead that you'll have a nice, home cooked meal to come home to.

I put half in the freezer in our kitchen, and the other half in our chest freezer in the garage. The chest freezer is a great investment, and is great for buying in bulk at Sam's Club. We got out chest freezer at Lowe's- it was a floor model and had a ding in it, so it was 25% off.

Here's what the freezer in the kitchen looks like. I'm glad I still have room for other items.

Don't forget to thank a veteran today! 

Here's some eye candy of my hero:

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