Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Life in Room E121

MY BLOG DESIGN IS ALMOST DONE!! I got the proofs for the headers today, and they look AMAZING! I can't want to see the final product!

Today feels like a Monday, even though it's Wednesday. I'm not complaining, though!
We had a 1/2 day Monday, and 32/98 kids were absent. That was fun.
After the kids left, we had a PD. It was nice to get to leave at 2:30. :)
My dad was in town, so we went to Sam's Club to get Duraflame logs (since our fireplace is finally safe to use!), and we had dinner at Aunt Chiladas- a YUMMY Tex-Mex restaurant on Hilton Head. It's one of my dad's favorite places.
We then spent about 2 hours in Barnes and Noble drinking coffee and reading magazines. It was an incredibly relaxing evening, and I enjoyed spending time with my daddy. He comes to visit when he has business in Florida, which lucky for me is about every 6 weeks or so.
He and my mommy are coming to visit the weekend before Thanksgiving. I'm really looking forward to that, since we have the entire week of Thanksgiving off!

Tuesday was election day, and we were off from school. Hubs, dad and I went to breakfast at our favorite local spot, The Cottage.
After that I literally laid around and did nothing but watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I'm still getting over a cold (I have a cough I just cannot get rid of), and hubs had some yard work to do.

Today my kids started a human body project.
I broke the kids into 11 groups of 2-3 students and assigned each a body system.
They had a choice as to what visual they wanted to create (Haiku Deck,, Prezi, or traditional paper/pencil poster). If you use, make sure you are using FireFox- it won't work on the other browsers.
They have to research the levels of organization within they body system, as well as other facts about their system.
You can check out the full project here:

The kids are really loving this, and it is a great segway into the human body, which also happens to be my favorite unit to teach!!

Linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade this week for my currently's

I am obsessed with QVC, especially around the holiday's.  Right now, "Deck the Halls" is on and I might have to hide my credit card. SO MANY THINGS I WANT. 

It was COLD this weekend (like 40's). I live in the south. I moved form Ohio to escape the cold. It's 77 out right now, and I'm glad it's not as hot as it has been- we set a record 2 weeks ago for it being 90 outside!

I've been trying to get over this cold for about a week and a half. I have this awful cough that just won't go away. The nurse said my lungs are clear, and wasn't concerned but it doesn't make my head and chest feel any better. I think I've been keeping Mucinex in business this week...

I could eat Olive Garden's soup and salad everyday. Legit. Like I might go get some for dinner. UPDATE: Totally had Olive Garden for dinner. 

If you love pumpkin pie, you need to order a pumpkin pie chai tea latte from Starbucks. You can get it iced, or hot. IT IS SO YUMMY. You won't regret it.

I love space. I've read most of the astronomy section at Barnes and Noble, and always check it out when I'm there. I just started reading Carl Sagan's Cosmos yesterday, and can't wait to get further in (i made it to page 2 before it was bedtime).

Happy Hump Day!!


  1. Mmmmm…Olive Garden! :) I haven't thought of that place in FOREVER!!!!!

    Btw…love your sparkles! :)

    Hooo-Ray For Teaching

  2. This glitter is FABULOUS! Lovin' it! And yessss, pumpkin spice chai tea latte is the BOMB.

  3. I absolutely LOVE your new blog design! It's just so pretty :)

    I'm glad you got your Olive Garden! I wish we had one of them around us, but alas!