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My name is Lauren and I live in the beautiful low country of Bluffotn, South Carolina. If you've ever visited Hilton Head, I live in the town next to it. Like most people in South Carolina, I was born and raised in Ohio (a small town called Green).  I moved to Bluffton in 2010 to complete my student teaching at Bluffton Middle School.  After graduation, I was lucky enough to get hired and this is my 4th year teaching science at BLMS. 

My husband and I got married last July on the beach, with our dog, Tucker as the ring bearer (I am slightly obsessed with my dog). Zach is an Army veteran and is working on his computer science degree. He is the total opposite of my type-A, science geek, borderline OCD personality. He's my best friend, and the most patient and kind person I know. I'm lucky to get to spend forever with him.

Seriously. How cute is he? 

My favorite picture from that day.

I just love this picture.
I coach 7th/8th grade softball, and also help run student council. I absolutely LOVE middle school students, and couldn't imagine working with another age group.

I started off my college education at DePaul University in Chicago, majoring in Biology with the intent to eventually attend medical school to be a pediatrician. For one of my gen-ed classes I had to work in a middle school helping kids with homework after school. I loved working with kids so much that I switched majors, and ultimately schools to be closer to my family.  I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Akron.

My true passion is astronomy/astrophysics, but I love all facets of science. I love it when students challenge me with questions and are just as excited about science as I am. I love 7th graders, and look forward to coming into work each day- even if I have to get up at 5am.

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