My Classroom

Looking in from the door

The front board with all the essentials district requires us to have: Essential Question, Objective, Warmup and Closure, along with the NOISE magnets, and the "A/B Day" sign.

I keep my copies from the week separated by day, and all up front and ready to go. There is also a basket for scratch paper, and the "slacker tub". If you don't know what that is, students who don't complete their homework the previous night must put their work in this pink tub which gets taken to lunch each day. Students must complete their homework at lunch. They don't get a free pass for getting out of homework. 

A calendar of upcoming events, my no name board (missing a few clothespins!), and recycle bin that desperately needs emptied.

This is where I keep absent work for students. There are 5 folders labeled for each day of the week. It is their responsibility to grab their work from the appropriate folder. The poster next to it is an e-card that says: "Did I miss anything important while I was out? No, we just waited around for you to come back". 
The whiteboard separated into fourths is where I write which students are absent each period so I know to put their work in the folders.

Each class is color coded and has a place they keep their interactive notebooks. On top is the baskets where I put graded papers to pass back. Also on the shelves is the late work basket, as well as a tub where I keep extra copies of work in case students lose them.

The hooks are our team's "lockers" since we opted not to have them. BEST IDEA EVER.

My small group table. The stools are from Ikea, and my hubby made the table!

Table of contents for their ISN's. They are separated by input/output pages and I update it daily. 

Our cumulative word wall. 

Homework board

My All Start are students who got an A/B in science each quarter. Look at all those names for Q1!

Another place for my crate sets, and the purple tub is where their vocabulary notebooks are housed.

Student supplies.

Student pencil pouches, organized by number. I don't organize them, they are that trained to keep them neat per their OCD teacher!

Here is a closeup of one of the pencil pouches. On the front is the student it is assigned to, separated by color according to period. Inside is: a refillable tape dispenser, scissors, glue, a highlighter, pencil sharpener, and headphones. 

A bookcase of student supplies. There are erasers, dictionaries/thesauri, colored pencils, staplers, rulers, baby wipes, post-its, crayons, and books for students to use.

My area. I have a mini fridge/microwave, and my bookcase is separated by unit. My desk is never this clean...

Another area of mine. The small table has IMP's, and important documents, and the other table houses my laptop and cords for the Promethean Board. 

 One of my favorite things. Up on the front I have these posters I created of modified versions of Ron Clark's essential 55 rules.

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